Today is the day we remember. We remember the joy of seeing that positive pregnancy test, the excitement of telling the precious few our exciting news, the adoration as the weeks passed and we fell more and more in love with our little ones. Some of us remember first ultrasounds, even second or more ultrasounds, seeing a heart beat, seeing the baby grow. Morning sickness, exhaustion, cravings, we remember it all. And we remember most of all – love. 

Today we lit candles in remembrance of some special Angel Babies. Our three, Peter, Lily and Theodore and for Baby Takacs who just went home to Jesus this past weekend. We also lit a candle for the rest of the babies, the ones we don’t know about, the ones we do know about, all the babies lost too soon, before their parents ever got to hold them and know them. 

This month is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. So often couples are grieving in silence because they feel they can’t talk about it. We are bringing light to the grief. We are lighting candles. We are remembering.