I’ve written and deleted four posts in the last hour because they turned out to be depressing and truthful a little too blunt. While I have no problem sharing that side of this journey I didn’t want this post to be about that – so I had a good cry and here I am to start again.

I am having a difficult time balancing my desire to celebrate the mamas who have their babies here on earth and spend every day teaching those littles “How to Human” and my desire to give recognition to the mamas who are grieving empty arms and empty wombs this Mother’s Day. So I’ll write a little message to both sets of mamas and hope I can express what is in my heart.

To the first set of mamas: you are heroes. The responsibility of raising tiny humans is astounding and I am amazed by all that mothers do.

To the second set of mamas: you are heroes. It is not easy to live life while grieving. It is not easy to know you are a mama and not have the baby or the bump to prove it. It is not easy to look at your family and know someone is missing. It is not easy to sit in church on Mother’s Day when no one knows what you’ve been through and wonder if you should stand up when they ask the moms to stand for recognition or come to the front for a flower. Maybe you’re watching the kids who are the same age as your baby should be as they bring their mommy a card covered in glitter and pasta and stickers with Jesus’ face on them and thinking about how big they’re growing and would your own baby be colouring inside the lines by now?  Know that you are not alone, I have been there and will most likely be there again today.

For all of the mamas, Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for being a mother, thank you for being brave, thank you for being heroes.