There was a time when our babies were just dreams, when our plans were unmarked by tragedy. We thought about parenthood as something magical and wonderful and hard, but mostly happy. We imagined our children, in our arms, in our home, in our life. I never thought I’d meet and marry a man who wants to be a parent as much as I do.

You have been my rock these past three years. You are so strong and your steadiness continually reminds me to fix my eyes on Jesus, to trust in God’s promises and to believe that He has a plan for our life together. I am so thankful that you get me, you understand my heartache and my yearning to be a mother.

Father’s Day is a hard day for me because you are such a wonderful father, and I want to see you raise a child. I want to see you hold our child and play with our child and snuggle our child. I want to see you read them stories and teach them the alphabet and help them with math homework (because God knows I will be useless in that subject).

If anything these past three years have proven to me that you are the best father for my children, the best partner for me in parenting. I see the babies we’ve lost so clearly and I wish we could have held them, but – my darling husband- you are the greatest father I know and I can’t wait to parent with you…someday, any day, any time God decides to give us our children.